Setting Your EasiYo Yogurt

When setting your yogurt in the winter please take extra care!

  • If you place your yogurt maker in a cold place e.g. (cold kitchen) it may struggle to set.
  • Add Warm/Tepid water in with yogurt mixture rather than water straight from the cold tap. (a mix of the hot and cold water have better results.)
  • For even better results you can even mix the yogurt powder with warm water previously boiled from the kettle.
  • Don't be afraid to leave it in the maker for longer.. 12 - 24hours for better results. (no peeking).
  • As an extra measure you might want to wrap the yogurt maker up in a towel just to keep the heat in.
  • Ensure the container (pictured below) will be surrounded with boiling water in the yogurt maker cylinder.
  • Wait till the yogurt has cooled in the fridge before taking off the lid.

Extra Tips

  • It's important the cold water in the jar is clean drinking water ie. treated water supply, cold-boiled or bottled water. 
  • In extremely hot climates use a little less (1cm) boiling water inside the Yogurt Maker. 
  • In extremely cold climates, mix the powder with tepid (not hot) water. 
  • Always clean the yogurt jar and lid thoroughly between use. Clean the Yogurt Maker with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.